I am a photographer.

Its in my blood, its my heart and soul. Whether its your amazing wedding captured for all time or your soul captured in a portrait, these photos will be treasured for a lifetime. But so many people go through life without ever seeing themselves as their loved ones see them and it really makes me sad.

I know its so hard to put yourself out there. I know its hard to feel confident in an age of perfect magazine covers and unrealistic image expectations. I know how it feels to battle with your own mind, with your own body. I know how it feels to not feel 'good enough' or 'skinny enough' or 'pretty enough'. But you are. You don't think you are, but if I were to ask any of your family and friends, they would say you are, 1000%. And I know how to capture that, and its my favourite thing in the whole world to do,

Put your trust in me, and I will capture the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself and your stunning family, photographs that will be treasured for your entire life and beyond. Photographs you will look at again and again and still be blown away. That is a promise!

On a more personal level-I am an odd sausage. My tattoos are extensive, my humour is dark and my heart is huge. I am mum to two humans (Mia, 18, and Ethan, 10) and one fur baby rescue dog called Mavis (4), wife to a beautiful long haired Irishman, and I am obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race and love a good meme. I love gory and gross horror movies and TV but have a lifelong love of anything Shonda Rhimes makes (Grey's Anatomy for life, yo!) I listen to a stupidly wide range of music (from classical to rap to blues through to death metal) and my biggest hobbies outside of photography are crochet and gaming.

I am a lifelong depression-sufferer, deal with two chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia and chronic migraine) and beaten a 15 year long battle with bulimia. I am always struggling with anxiety and a lack of self-worth and am in a never-ending battle with my weight thanks to my eating disorder history, but I'll never stop trying to better myself and love myself more. I am honest and open about all this (some say to a fault, especially on social media) but I don't want people to think my life is amazing, that its all glamour and gorgeousness. Its a battle, and one that I share openly so others might find small comfort in knowing that someone out there feels the same way.

So, hi! I'm Donna. Thoroughly messed up, glorious, flawed and loved human being just like you. Iā€™d love to meet you and take your picture!