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Couture Portraits-My Speciality

The experience of having a custom portrait session with me is like nothing else.  

Sessions take place in my home, a deceptively large cottage in the village of Trawden, right on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border.  Its my home, and me and my family are stamped all over it.  From our eclectic taste in home decor to our shy little rescue dog Mavis, its a homely but fascinating place that feels more relaxed and less commercial than your regular portrait studio.

You come and visit me several times.  Firstly for a consultation, where we discuss your portraits and how you would like to be photographed.  (This should take about 30 minutes, but usually it takes around an hour as we normally end up chatting about things not remotely related to photography!) We can take a look at my little home studio so you can get a feel for the space or discuss the location and understand how things will work on the day

Then, you will come back on the day of your shoot at around 11am, ready for my talented MUA to start working her makeup magic.  The shoot is fully directed by me so no worries about knowing how to pose, my posing skills are top notch and most of my clients remark on how how much fun they had.  We are usually finished for around 2pm and then you get to spend the rest of the day beaming over how amazing your makeup looks!

A week or so after your shoot you come back to see your finished images (which can be emotional!) and then when your selected prints arrive, you come back for a brew and a chat and to see your prints for the first time.  Its a pretty easy process, but its flexible should you live a bit too far away to come visit more than once or twice so don't worry! 

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Child Portraiture

I photograph children in two different ways.  For toddlers and babies, I recommend location portraits, usually at your home or at a local park.  They can sometimes be overwhelmed being in a studio so more natural portraits are best captured in a place they are familiar with.

For school-age children/teenagers, I usually use the studio to capture beautiful, soulful and timeless portraits of them that will last for a lifetime.  

The consultation/shoot/reveal sessions go the same way as Couture Portraits, with the aim being to produce stunning printed portraits for you to enjoy in your home.